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The New York State AIDS Institute created a widget to link over 200 New York emergency room departments to HIV/AIDS information Exit Disclaimer. Doctors can use this “one-stop shop” approach to better assess and treat patients exposed to HIV. Since widgets continually update with the most current medical recommendations, they can be both efficient and effective in clinical settings, such as emergency rooms.

We're excited to see innovative new media tools being used for HIV/AIDS treatment and care. Check out the New York Times article Exit Disclaimer about this widget, complete with interviews with the the creators.


  1. I must say this widget is one of the best example of internet technology helping in health services. This project must be up-scaled to a global version, where it can be used for treatment in places like Africa where their is lack of medical assistance.
    I wish a very good luck and all the best to the doctors and the developers who created this widget.

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