U.S. to Remove HIV “Entry Ban”

It has been an important few weeks for those of us in the HIV community—we just wrapped up the U.S. Conference on AIDS, President Obama signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009, and, as you may have heard, on Monday the U.S. took the next step in removing HIV from the list of diseases that prevent entry into this country. The repeal on the HIV “entry ban” will be effective in January of 2010. To learn more, read Secretary Sebelius’ press statement.


  1. A very positive move. Way to go Obama!

  2. Thanks for reporting on this Chris. I think it was a good move that Obama signed this Act. Ultimately It will relax the requirements for immigrants entering the country. I’ll be curious to see the ramifications in the coming years.

  3. Thomas Wachtel says:

    Honestly, I can’t believe this was ever this nation’s policy. It’s backwards-looking both in terms of immigration and health care — our priority shouldn’t be keeping as many people as possible out of the country, and we’ve known for years that a person with AIDS can’t inadvertently cause an outbreak.
    I’m glad that this administration is continuing to look forward and advance our national policies, rather than continually looking backward. Kudos to both the President and Secretary Sebelius for this long-overdue move.

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