Respecting the Rights of Hospital Patients: Presidential Memorandum

On April 15, a Presidential Memorandum was released about hospital visitations related to the rights of hospital patients to receive visitors and to designate surrogate decision makers for medical emergencies. This is an important action for Gay and Lesbian Americans, who are often barred from the bedside of the partners with whom they've spent decades of their lives. For more information, please read the entire memorandum.

Respecting the Rights of Hospital Patients: Presidential Memorandum


  1. Glad to see this action was taken. Many LGBT individual’s and their partners will benefit from the Memorandum.

  2. I think this memorandum is powerful and very true and pressing. Regardless of what rights to marriage or tax right, etc that one believes the gay and lesbian communities should hold, this is something that everyone should agree on. This not only applies to those communities, but to other people who do not have relatives to be with them and would need the support of a neighbor or a friend when in the hospital.

  3. Its good to see that this memorandum will bring benefit and comfort to anyone who is suffering at a time when they most need support. How can it be in a modern democracy that a an individual is barred from the bedside of its suffering partner just because they are Lesbian or Gay?

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