International AIDS Conference Day 5: Dr. Valdiserri Speaks with Regan Hofmann the Editor-in-Chief of POZ Magazine

Yesterday, during the International AIDS Conference Exit Disclaimer, I sat down with Regan Hofmann the Editor-in-Chief of POZ Magazine Exit Disclaimer. The magazine has been an important publication for people living with HIV/AIDS and their friends and families for over 15 years. It was a pleasure to speak with her and learn about the messages she will be taking back to her readers from the 2010 International AIDS Conference. I also enjoyed learning about how it felt for her to be invited to the White House and to attend the debut of the recent National HIV/AIDS Strategy. During our conversation, Regan also emphasized the importance of communities and government coming together to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


  1. How will the White House be able to implement their strategy without the proper funding? There are currently over 2000 people on ADAP waiting lists. Why are more people urged to get tested and know their status if it can mean they will not be able to access health care and life-saving medications?

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