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Future Directions-HIV Clinical Trials-Town Hall

On Tuesday, October 26, more than 300 representatives from our current HIV clinical trial networks, the infectious diseases research community, and HIV advocacy groups attended the “Town Hall Meeting to Examine the Restructuring of the NIAID Clinical Trials Networks.”

The goals of the meeting were to:

  1. Provide NIAID’s overarching vision for the future of its HIV clinical trial network structure. They want to expand the scope of the network’s current activities to include research on infectious diseases relevant to people who are living with HIV (hepatitis, TB), as well as other non-HIV-related topics (antimicrobial resistance, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, etc.).
  2. Seek specific feedback on how best to restructure NIAID’s clinical trial framework.

The meeting was about engaging the research community. Watch a video about Carl W. Dieffenbach, Ph.D., Director of NIAID’s Division of AIDS reflections about the meeting.