HHS Launches New Website:

Today, HHS launches a new website called The site provides information from government agencies on how kids, teens, young adults, parents, educators, and others in the community can prevent or stop bullying. It also provides information on finding help if you, or someone you know, is being bullied.

In October 2010, we posted twice on the subject of bullying and teen suicide: HHS Secretary Addresses Bullying and Teen Suicide and The HHS Office of HIV/AIDS Policy on Bullying and Teen Suicide. As we noted in those earlier posts, for the HIV community, the issues of bullying and suicide and their effects on young people’s well-being and risk behaviors are critically important.

Help us save lives and protect health by visiting and learning more.


  1. This is great! So many childrens’ education are being affected this day in time. I have a family member that went through this.Her grades started to fall, and so did her spirit. Neither the teachers nor principal would do anything, so she was removed from that school & is doing much better now.

  2. I think it’s great. My son has been bullied his whole life. He’s in the 9th grade and hates going to school. We are going to have to send him to private school next year due to all the bullying. My husband lost his job and we had to take him out of private school last year. Hopefully, we can put him back there for the new school year.

  3. patricia simmons says:

    i am an unemployed counselor that has worked with juveniles and their families and would love to have the opportunity to get involved with this project. how do i go about applying?

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