Honoring Dr. Mark Colomb’s Contribution to the Response to HIV

Dr. Mark Colomb

Dr. Mark Colomb

This week we lost another leader in the HIV community. Dr. Mark Colomb (1963-2011) was passionately committed to Mississippi and other southern communities; and he focused on responding to the needs of Black men who have sex with men. Dr. Colomb participated in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) consultation which resulted in the establishment of the Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) in 1997. The MAI provides critical resources to enhance and increase the access of racial and ethnic minorities to HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment services. Dr. Colomb’s work helped pave the way for the creation of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) Exit Disclaimer, an HIV/AIDS testing and treatment community mobilization initiative targeting the Black community; the founding of My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Exit Disclaimer, a national organization dedicated to reducing health disparities in African-Americans, where he served as President/CEO; and the Mississippi Urban Research Center (MURC) Exit Disclaimer at Jackson State University (JSU) Exit Disclaimer, which serves as a clearinghouse for dissemination of research data on pressing urban issues.

As we remember Dr. Colomb, I encourage you to watch the following video from the Black AIDS Institute Exit Disclaimer where he speaks about his work in response to HIV in Mississippi:


  1. Dr. Colomb was a driving force behind African American community mobilization against HIV/AIDS. His vision and voice will be sincerely missed.

  2. Erise Williams, Jr., MPH says:

    We at Williams And Associates, Incorporated in St. Louis Missouri, honor the life of Dr. Mark Colomb. His work in HIV/AIDS not only had an impact in Mississippi, but across the country. He will be missed. This is a great lost.

  3. Dr. Colomb had a great impact in Mississipi. He formed collaborations and sustained partnerships which assisted in his work in HIV/AIDS. Not only in the sphere of HIV/AIDS Prevention will Dr. Colomb be missed but also across the United States.

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