Honoring Elizabeth Taylor’s Work in the HIV Community joins our colleagues at organizations such as amFAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), and POZ in recognizing the passing of Elizabeth Taylor (1932–2011). In addition to being known as an Oscar-winning actress, Ms. Taylor was truly committed to responding to HIV from the early days of the epidemic. In particular, she was dedicated to research and addressing discrimination and stigma around HIV. The HIV community is so grateful for all of her efforts.

I had the honor of meeting Ms. Taylor in 1986 when she was testifying at a congressional hearing and demanded action to be taken in response to AIDS. I encourage you to watch the following video from amFAR that pays tribute to some of Ms. Taylor’s efforts in the response to HIV:


  1. Linda Dawson says:

    GOD bless Elizabeth Taylor

  2. Max Sandusky says:

    Reflecting on this day, I am reminded yet again of just how much I love my job, the colleagues I work with, and the people we serve. (I serve as Director of Prevention & Education for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod) I am also reminded of a day 25 years ago when, walking to my office in the US Congress, I passed a woman in the hallway, turned, and did a double-take. Her violet eyes were unmistakable! I didn’t know then we’d become comrades in a shared battle. R.I.P., Dame Liz. And, THANK YOU!

  3. cynthia brown says:

    the photographs were very good and Ms Taylor was
    a great actress and worked for many worthy causes.
    My condolences go out to her family and friends

  4. This video was beautifully done. Thank you for capturing and sharing the spirit of Ms. Taylor. Her compassion and committment is a testimony to all of us.

  5. David Shamer says:

    Picking up where Elizabeth Taylor left off will be no easy task. We are all going to have to find ways of giving more. God Bless Ms Taylor and her efforts to the HIV/AIDS community.

  6. Jean Redmann says:

    In the wake of Katrina, with medical services pretty much destroyed, Elizabeth Taylor offered to rent a mobile medical unit to provide services for those with HIV/AIDS. On finding out that all available rental vans were already in use, she asked what it would cost to buy one. Told that it would be in the $250,000 range, Dame Elizabeth pulled out her checkbook. Since that time, the CareVan, has been operating in the New Orleans area, providing services, especially HIV testing. Her generosity and kindness will be long remembered here.

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