30 Years of AIDS: Phill Wilson, Executive Director, Black AIDS Institute

In our fourth installment of our six-week video seriesBlack AIDS Institute President, Founder, and CEO Phill Wilson discusses his experiences over the past 30 years of AIDS. Mr. Wilson founded the Black AIDS Institute to stop the AIDS pandemic in black communities by engaging and mobilizing black institutions and individuals.

Reflecting on his years confronting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the U.S. over the last 30 years, Mr. Wilson remarked:

“I used to say that I didn’t believe that I would live to see the end of this epidemic. I don’t say that anymore. I believe that it is entirely possible that I will see the end of this epidemic, but we are at one of those deciding moments. Whether we end it now or not is totally up to us.”

The following video highlights a recent interview with Mr. Wilson as he discusses his work in HIV policy and politics over the last 30 years, the advancements in treatment, and the responsibility of the community to get involved in policy to spur change.


  1. Phil. Hi! My God as partners of the fight of AIDS it has come a time for me to run for safety for my Haitien people could not accept my dedication to the cause although I was so involved and doing all I could to help save the lifes of the Haitien in need. My popularity scared some of those who had other agenda. After the march in New york in 1990, after the run for presidency in Haiti in 1990. The appreciation of the people became so great over 3 millions condoms distribution in Haiti in 3 months, The demonstration of how to use the condom on National Televion in Haiti was a chock and well received by the people, the music on AIDS prevention the messages on T-shirt, Hats, Bumper stickers, Benches were overwhelming. “To popular too fast” “too willing to do so much” Those who were in power wanted to drop the ice on the broiling water of the mission to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS which was circulating in the Blood of Colette Jacques The Founder of SOAP Support Organization For AIDS Prevention therefore not only that I was kidnapped but was put in jail for 11 days and even after my release I returned full force on New-York television and continue to do the work. The Mass Mailing of condoms to teens who were sexually active did not stop an 800 number for those who need couseling was installed to make acces to request for information. Distribution of condom in festival, Clubs, Concerts, Using young Children to do PSA on HIV/AIDS Prevention Inc. This positive work made the non caring Haitien politicien more upset and one day my office in California was broken into and my life was threaten. I packed and moved to New York. I was wrong to give up and when I realized that I started to silently investigate and sure enough I was right. No one could ever do what I did the same way I did . I started to realize the people asking for condom at the restaurant, they were asking me to come back to continue the work. They were calling me calling me “Mrs Condom” the name the call me to identify me with work. I came to realize that the people truly love the work and miss the work of SOAP The Support Organization For AIDS Prevention was doing. I must say that I commend all those who stay in the fight without taken a break like you Phil. Now that I have learned others toolssuch as earning a Digital Film Degree to help me reach the young people eager to stay alife I am committed to share and give all I have to assure that as I was part of the beginning to also be part of the end of the epidemic.I am working on a film called “White Roses for Black Sister to bebefit AIDS Education Hope to get the funds to finish it before the International conference next year. Congratulations to all Let s do it It is a must I am glad to be part of this battle.

    Colette Jacques
    Support Organization For AIDS Pprevention Inc
    646 377 0882

  2. Karyn Bailey says:

    Did Mr Wilson have any other articles published? I have read this article FIGHTING AIDS WITH LESSONS LEARNED FROM BLACK HISTORY.


    Hello, I am so very grateful for the wonderful work you’re doing in the fight against the scourge of HIV. God bless

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