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United States of America


  1. Bobbie Ebert says:

    I started living with AIDS in 98,in 2000 went on clinical trials here in Rhode Island, They had reversed AIDS to HIV in 4 month on pills I didn’t know what they were. I’m on ATripla now and I can say,it’s not a trip but you can feel it fighting the war, November 2013 was my 14th year, AIDS free. HIV below 50. If only they had the help like they did back then,come and pick you up to see your doctor,if you’re alone..Aids places trying to help the ones who really don’t care if they live or die. I tried to care at 2 aids orgs in R.I. and got kicked out of one,no questions asked and the other just avoids me like the plague.. I thought these places offered transportation and guidance. What I learned about managing my HiV is, stay healthy and not lazy. When an HIV patient gets isolated,that can cause stress enough too make AIDS come back, I’m almost tottally isolated here.Any help of good words?? Bobbie 2014 DECmber

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