BLOG.AIDS.GOV - Changing to in Spring 2017

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Kaiser Permanente Shares Expertise with Other Health Care Providers to Improve Health Equity for People Living with HIV recently spoke with Dr. Michael Horberg, Director of HIV/AIDS for Kaiser Permanente and a member of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA), about the Kaiser Permanente HIV Challenge Exit Disclaimer, an important private sector effort to improve the delivery of HIV care in support of the goals the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Announced earlier this year at the CMS Health Care Innovations Summit, the Challenge aims to help health care providers nationwide improve health equity for people living with HIV by increasing access to HIV care and improving health outcomes. Kaiser Permanente challenges other private health care providers and community health clinics to increase the number of HIV-infected people getting treatment by sharing Kaiser Permanente’s toolkit Exit Disclaimer of clinical best practices, tools, mentoring, training and health IT expertise.

Watch our conversation below.