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Implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Grand Rounds at the CDC

This week, I traveled to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta to present at CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds, an ongoing series of monthly presentations on health-related topics pertinent to the health of Americans.

This session consisted of four presentations directly relevant to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). After introductory remarks by CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, Dr. Jonathan Mermin presented “The Science of Optimizing HIV Prevention,” describing strategies to maximize the effectiveness of HIV prevention strategies, including integration of prevention and clinical care at the local level. Dr. Irene Hall presented “HIV Surveillance in Action,” reviewing advances in HIV surveillance that enable CDC data to be used for public health action at the provider and individual level. Dr. Stephanie Sansom followed with “Modeling to Identify Optimal Allocation of HIV Prevention Resources in a City Health Department,” focusing on how Philadelphia has used evidence-based modeling to set resource allocation priorities.

I closed the session by providing an overview of NHAS implementation, emphasizing the importance of the Affordable Care Act in helping to meet NHAS goals and improving the health and wellness of people living with HIV. These presentations are an excellent reminder of the critical ongoing role that NHAS plays in fighting domestic epidemic. To watch this month’s Public Health Grand Rounds, please visit the CDC website.