Remember to Use Your Mobile Phones Safely!


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As we move toward 2013, we at will continue to encourage you to use mobile technology and new media to extend the reach of your HIV/AIDS efforts and to discuss how the U.S. government’s Digital Strategy is making a difference in how people find health information, today and into the future.

But, as many people are traveling on the road at this time of year, we also wanted to remind you not to drive while texting, reading, or looking up information on your smartphone.

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly powerful tools in helping us to manage and protect our health. You’ll learn more about the use of mobile devices in the response to HIV/AIDS in the new year.



  1. Todd Crosby says:

    Greetings! In Baltimore, MD the AIDS/HIV epidemic is ravaging the inner city, due to persistent illicit drug epidemic that now include Benzodiazepines in a combination with all other drugs. The difficulty with treating trauma and inferior mental health services, in conjunction with the fears of African-Americans toward treatment fuels the numbers. I use to test for infected via Oralsure, but was fired for questioning direction of program. We were just asked to obtain numbers without linkage to resources. Programs such as HERO, Imani Clinic and Grateful, inc. were dismantled due to systemic reasons or impropriety—leaving gaps big enough to lose patients during transitions. Programs such as WAR and STAR do good work for female targets, but more outreach services are needed.

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