The White House: Opportunities for a Conversation Using New Media


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New media allows us to connect and engage in a conversation. According to Pew Internet & American Life’s Health Online 2013 Report Exit Disclaimer, “78% of those who posted a comment, story, or question about their health say that they did so to reach a general audience of friends or other internet users.” For many, it’s this conversation that draws them to online spaces and allows the opportunity to connect with larger networks.

White House: Opportunities for a Conversation

Yesterday, the White House released a video on how they are working to offer citizens opportunities to participate in conversations with the President and his team about the issues that are most important to them. The video features ongoing opportunities for citizens to add their voices to discussions in Washington through the use of new media like YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs and other social networking sites.

Lessons for the HIV Community

We, the HIV community, can use or expand the use of these strategies and tools featured in the video to have conversations in our community. The key to successful communication is to assess:

  1. what works for your audience, and
  2. if the tools extend the reach of your HIV/AIDS programs.

How are you using new media to engage in a conversation on the many issues that impact HIV/AIDS in your program or community?


  1. It’s nice that the White House it’s open to new media, but these is all Obama’s merit, Bush was not like this. IMO
    I would like to see these kind of transparancy and openness in Bruxelles (EU) too.

  2. Angelic Pless says:

    It’s sad day when we as Health Educators are being mentally abused! Bullied by senior management. I work so hard to get people to even think about using condoms. Why does it have to be this way? It hurts, it’s sad and it’s not right!
    Where can we be heard? We have to love our jobs when working in this field, it can be stressful. I give HIV tests that it self is stressful.
    When will I Angelic Pless be heard I’m not afraid anymore!

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