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Statement by Ambassador Eric Goosby, M.D., U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, on report of the first child to be ‘functionally cured’ of HIV

Eric Goosby 120

Eric Goosby

This case brings new hope for young children infected with HIV. We eagerly await further research on these findings and whether the experience of the child can be replicated in clinical trials involving other HIV-exposed children.

The doctors’ use of early and aggressive antiretroviral treatment in this child raises questions for further research around how soon after birth HIV-exposed infants should be tested and the optimal dosing of antiretroviral drugs for newly-infected infants. We encourage the research community to continue to follow this case to better understand the genetic and immunologic makeup of the mother and child.

The reported ‘functional cure’ is welcome news, but until findings can be replicated and more evidence emerges, it is critical that clinicians continue to follow established guidance for testing and treatment. It is also essential that infected adults and parents of infected children continue to follow the treatment prescribed by their health care providers.

Many questions remain regarding this case but further research on these topics may bring us one step closer to achieving an AIDS-free generation.

For more information, read the NIH press statement.