Encouraging HIV Testing with Video

Our newest video, “Facing AIDS for National HIV Testing Day,” is a short, shareable video that anyone can use to jump-start a conversation with a loved one, to educate colleagues, to show at a local HIV awareness event, or share on social media. With the approach of National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) on June 27, we hope you will be able to use this video in your local NHTD events.

Why Facing AIDS for National HIV Testing Day?

Facing AIDS is a digital photo sharing initiative with the goal of reducing HIV-related stigma and promoting HIV testing. Many blog readers have contributed personal messages to the Facing AIDS photo gallery, most recently in recognition of World AIDS Day (December 1, 2012 – visit the gallery to see the inspiring messages collected over the five years of the initiative). Many of your Facing AIDS messages highlight the importance of confronting stigma and echo the theme of National HIV Testing Day: Take the Test. Take Control. That consistency made it easy for our team to re-purpose the photos into the newest video in our Facing AIDS series.

To learn how participate in Facing AIDS, read this blog post. To watch other videos in the Facing AIDS series, please use this playlist Exit Disclaimer. Click here to learn more about locating HIV testing near you.

Please watch and share the “Facing AIDS for National HIV Testing Day” video. How can you or your organization use it to encourage HIV testing?


  1. Abigail Harragin says:

    I do like the advertising to test for HIV, but I do believe that the message you sell is misleading. You have National HIV testing Day written in the video and then you state on the paper “I am facing AIDS.” There is already misconception about HIV versus AIDS. In the future I would like organizations to make it clear that you test for HIV. AIDS is a diagnosis of the HIV infection state or stage that a doctor gives to a patient. You do not test for it and a diagnosis of AIDS can not be transmitted. When people hear the acronym AIDS they tend to equate it with HIV and not understand that distinction.

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