Cheever Named Leader of HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau

Dr. Laura Cheever

Dr. Laura Cheever

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Laura Cheever has been selected as the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Associate Administrator for the (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Cheever has served as the Deputy Associate Administrator of the HIV/AIDS Bureau, responsible for leading the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and HRSA’s programming for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).  She has also provided national leadership for HIV/AIDS care and treatment, including the development of federal guidelines for HIV care.  Dr. Cheever joined HRSA in 1999 as the Chief of the HIV Education Branch where she was responsible for providing HIV/AIDS clinical education and training for the Nation’s health care providers.  She is committed to serving the HIV population and volunteers weekly at the Moore Clinic for HIV Care at The Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  Dr. Cheever received her medical degree from Brown University and is board certified in Infectious Diseases.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Cheever on her new appointment.


  1. Dr. Sri S. Sriskanda says:

    Sounds like America finally has a handle on this disease. That is important for the whole world.

    • MATSTRAZZ says:

      I do not think we have a handle on HIV/AIDS in the USA. Only 20% of infected people are under good virologic control. 25% of people do not know they have it. over a million cases in the USA. 25% of the people who have it are not in treatment. Test and treat is working in MA. New cases in MA are way down. Now they need to get the rest of the country up to speed. Also prisons need to give out condoms. Jail sex happens, people will get released to the community. People released from jails have a hard time acessing care.

  2. Tim Barrus says:

    You have to be some kind of an idiot to believe that top brass replacing top brass means anything. None of these people care. Just drove 200 miles to Community Health Center Pharmacy to get HIV drugs. They do not have the drugs. It’s a cruel joke. The jokes on me. Sitting in my old car feeling like you people with your big federal jobs simply do not get it. This comment won’t make it to the comments because you do not want to hear any criticism whatsoever yet you trot out slogans and rhetoric like Just Get Tested and Aids-Free Generation. Why bother getting tested when you can’t get the drugs. You are not even allowed to call the pharmacy. What a waste in gas $. If you are poor, steer clear of the government. They will lie about what they can and will do. They want to know who you are. They want all your information. Then, they’ll throw you to the wolves. I do not believe a word from these people. The HIV trenches tell a much different story than the fairy tales you people espouse. Changes in who the new boss is represents the status quo, and your top brass is just fine with that. Meanwhile, it’s about our lives, not our jobs.

  3. Jeanine Jones says:

    Congrats…much success..

  4. Hello , I am a 43 yo male with AIDS. recently my physician left because of a new bill passed to help stop the abuse of pain medications so they have made it really difficult for doctors to write pain med prescriptions. My issue is that I go to a Fully funded Ryan White Clinic and I was basically denied services. I was told by the physician that she is an HIV specialist and only deals with HIV it’s self. I have alot of chronic issues and I cannot afford to start seeing a ton of specialist, I dont have the money for it. I can go to a pain specialist but when I do , they acknowledge the pain they just say they cannot do anything and its HIV related and to talk to my HIV doctor. I go back and nothing gets done as they claim it’s due to other issues. I have alot of health issues .. I had no choice but to seek out Hospice to take care of me, my pain etc. I dont want to die so early in my life but they gave me no option being that she is an HIV specialist and only deals with HIV and nothing else. Then why do they have all these services for persons with HIV. I just dont get it and it hurts so bad to know that no one cares. I am hoping that whom ever reads this can help me or advise me of what I can do. Please I am begging for help. I may be reached at or .. Thanks if anything for taking the time to read this. Most sincere – Rain

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