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In Case You Missed it! AIDS 2014 Roundup

"20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), Melbourne, Australia."This year marked the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014 Exit Disclaimer), which was held in Melbourne, Australia from July 20-25, 2014. Yesterday, Dr. Valdiserrireflected on the breadth and depth of topics covered at AIDS 2014 that expanded the discourse on HIV care outcomes and the future of a cure. He emphasized that the conference theme of “Stepping Up the Pace” resonates with the need to step up the pace in America’s response to AIDS and make the goals of the National HIV AIDS Strategy a reality.

In case you missed parts of the conversation from the conference, we’ve got you covered. In daily video updates, Dr. Dieffenbach from The National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) shared with us his observations from each day of the conference. We also had the honor of interviewing Ambassador Birx from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and other federal partners, community members, and presenters at AIDS 2014. Here is a summary of our current work at AIDS 2014. Please continue to follow our blog for more upcoming information about the conference.

Day 1: Sunday, July 20
  • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach Looks Ahead to Key Topics to be Explored at AIDS 2014. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • Dr. Fauci Reflects on HIV Colleagues Lost in Flight MH-17. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
Day 2: Monday, July 21
  • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach Shares Science Highlights from Second Day of AIDS 2014. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • Ambassador Birx Shares Highlights from AIDS 2014 and Introduces PEPFAR Dashboards. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
Day 3: Tuesday, July 22
  • If You Film It, Will They Watch? 5 tips to produce and market online videos inspired by AIDS 2014. blog
  • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach Shares a Highlight from Day 3 of AIDS 2014 on Making Better, Smarter Investments to Achieve AIDS-Free Generation. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • CDC’s Laura Kann on Adolescents and HIV-Related Risk Behavior. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • Conversations from AIDS 2014: Ron Valdiserri and Phill Wilson of the Black AIDS Institute. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
Day 4: Wednesday, July 23
  • Harnessing the Potential of Social Media in HIV Prevention- Voices from AIDS 2014. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • Conversations from AIDS 2014: Mary Mahy, UNAIDS on the new Gap Report. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach Shares Highlights from Wednesday at AIDS 2014. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
Day 5: Thursday, July 24
  • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach Shares Highlights from Thursday at AIDS 2014. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • NIH’s Dr. Gina Brown Reflects on HIV Among Women and Girls. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
Day 6: Friday, July 25
  • NIH’s Dr. Carl Dieffenbach Shares Final Thoughts from AIDS 2014. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
  • Conversations from AIDS 2014: Practitioner Bisola Ojikutu, M.D., MPH. blog/video Exit Disclaimer
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Were you at AIDS 2014? Following it online? Let us know what you thought of the topics covered at the conference in the comments.