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About This Blog

A large number of Federal agencies and programs are engaged in HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, treatment, policy, and research efforts in the United States. serves as a gateway for information about these Federal efforts, with a focus on domestic programs.

Since the launch of on December 1, 2006 (World AIDS Day), there has been a growing interest in using new media tools to disseminate information about HIV/AIDS and improve prevention, testing, treatment, and research outcomes. created this blog to address that interest, and has since expanded content areas to include key US Government HIV/AIDS-related research and policy posts, among other topics.

This blog serves as a forum to foster public discussion on using new media effectively in response to HIV/AIDS, as well as HIV/AIDS research and policies. The intended audiences for the blog include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals and organizations using, or wanting to use, new media tools in the response to HIV/AIDS, including minority public health leaders;
  • Members of the public and Federal staffers who would like to see the Federal government adopt emerging technologies, when appropriate, to improve information delivery and services
  • Public health professionals, healthcare providers, and consumers looking for Federal HIV policy and research news

Along with weekly new media posts, the blog features other posts, guest posts, cross-posts from the White House Office of National AIDS Policy blog and the CDC Health Protection Perspectives blog, PEPFAR blog, and posts from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) Division of AIDS. More specifically, the blog’s content areas aim to:

  • Introduce and explain new media tools in the context of their use in response to HIV
  • Share information about HIV/AIDS awareness days
  • Highlight examples of new media use in the HIV community including lessons learned and highlights from key conferences
  • Provide information about Federal HIV policy and research news
  • Promote Federal HIV testing, prevention, treatment, and research programs and initiatives, especially those using and/or wanting to use new media tools

This blog is intended to be a dynamic, online conversation, and we welcome your comments, ideas, and stories. We moderate comments and post them in accordance with our Comment Policy. blog content team:

  • Aisha MooreAisha Moore Communications Director
  • Michelle Samplin-SalgadoMichelle Samplin-Salgado New Media Strategist
  • Mindy NichaminMindy Nichamin New Media Coordinator