Michelle Samplin-Salgado

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The Conference Comes to You: Webcasts, Web Conferences, and Webinars

TARGET Center's Web Conference

At, we work with HIV organizations from all over the country (and sometimes the world!). Often it’s not possible to sit at the same table so we rely on virtual ways to connect. Webcasts, web conferences, and webinars are ways to connect with each other and efficiently share information in cyberspace. These terms are…

Playing Favorites – Organizing and Sharing Bookmarked Webpages

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In our blog posts, we link to dozens of websites helpful to us and hopefully to you and your organizations. But how do you keep track of all these links? The answer: social bookmarking . Social bookmarking is a way to store, organize, and search your favorite webpages on the Internet. Through a social bookmarking…

Community Voice Mail: Reaching the “Phoneless” with HIV Information

Community Voice Mail. Reconnect. Achieve. Results.

Last week we wrapped up our month-long series of blog posts for National HIV Testing Day. But there’s one more National HIV Testing Day collaboration story that we’ve been waiting to share with you. We’ve discussed how communities of color use new media (and that access to new media often has much more to do…

I Know. I Took The Test: Stories from Second Life


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ena Ball and Michelle Samplin-Salgado in Second Life

Interview of Jena Ball We’ve shared HIV testing story intiatives from the Southern AIDS Living Quilt, POZ magazine, and the National Association of People with AIDS leading up to National HIV Testing Day. Today’s post will take us “in world” to some virtual testing day story initiatives happening in Karuna , the National Library of…

The Wonderful World of Widgets


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Widgets . Gadgets . Call them what you’d like, but there is definitely a lot of buzz around these small applications that you can embed in a social network site, blog, or website. Our Federal colleagues have developed salmonella, flu, and HIV test widgets. At, we’re starting to use widgets, too. We used a…

2009 National Technology Conference: Highlights for the HIV Community


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NTC Conference

Last week, Jennie Anderson and I attended the Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) 2009 National Technology Conference (NTC) . Because many AIDS service organizations are non-profits, the conference provides us with an opportunity to gain invaluable insight into how non-profit organizations across the country and around the world are using new media to inspire, connect and…