− Nelson L. Michael

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Nelson L. Michael

M.D., Ph.D., Colonel, Medical Corps, U.S. Army, Director, U.S. Military HIV Research Program, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research 

Moving Forward on HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

“It will take 10 years.” That is what researchers usually say when asked how much longer it will take to develop a safe and effective HIV vaccine. Some of the world’s brightest minds have been on this quest for 30 years, yet we still do not have an HIV vaccine to use today. Recent clinical…

US Leads Effort to Build on Success in HIV Vaccine Science

When the HIV epidemic first emerged in the 1980s, the U.S. government immediately recognized the threat the disease could pose to U.S. and Allied Service Members. In this age of global deployments, HIV not only continues to pose a threat to Service Members, but it can also compromise the stability of a nation where the…