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Reaching Latinos with New Media for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day


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Tomorrow is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD). According to a recently released CDC fact sheet, Latinos represent only 15% of the total U.S. population, but make up 18% of new HIV infections. Among Latinos, men make up the vast majority of new HIV infections (76%), but Latino women are also at disproportionate risk for…

The Health Blogosphere


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As the summer comes to an end, we want to share information about an event which took place this summer and reinforced the importance of using new media tools in public health. In July, the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) sponsored a webcast, “The Health Blogosphere: What It Means for Policy Debates and Journalism ”. Secretary…

If You Build It, Will They Come? (Part 4 on Blogging)

If you decide to start a blog for yourself or your organization, part of your strategy should include blog promotion. How and where you promote your blog are key elements in engaging your readers to comment, subscribe, and share your messages. To learn more about blog marketing and promotion, we continue our conversation this week…

Perspectives on Blogging about HIV/AIDS (Part 3 on Blogging)

This week we continue our series on blogs. Blogging can be an effective way to communicate HIV messages and engage people in a dialogue about important issues and topics. Today, we’ll highlight two HIV/AIDS-focused blogs that bring distinct perspectives to the topic–blogs by an HIV/AIDS service provider, and a college professor and his students.

Blogging about Blogs (Part 2 on Blogging)

While we’ve reflected on whether we think our blog is working, we’ve never posted on blogging basics–so that is the focus of today’s post.

We’re 6 Months Old: Part 1 on Blogging

We started this blog six months ago. Three months ago we reflected on whether the blog was working and we decided to continue. We declared that we’d continue blogging only as long as we could clearly define how best to measure our success. Recently one of our colleagues, Alan Gambrell, asked us if we thought…

Reaching Bloggers for National HIV Testing Day

Last week, hosted a Webinar for bloggers in advance of National HIV Testing Day (on June 27). We reached out to bloggers for this event because so many people today depend on bloggers for their news, information, and opinions. Who participated in the Webinar? Participants included bloggers who blog about health-related topics and/or those…

To Blog or Not to Blog-Our Journey Continues

Last week we told you we were going to do another entry on social networking sites–but we decided to preempt that post because we’ve reached an important anniversary, and we held a meeting about’s future. We want to tell you about both of those things, and get your input. When we launched this blog…