Health Information Technology

HIV/AIDS Basics: A New App for iPad

HIV/AIDS Basics App 1

If you’ve visited before, you’re likely familiar with the array of HIV/AIDS content found on the site. Time and time again, our analytics and usability testing tell us that the HIV basics pages are among the most visited pages on the site. In tandem with this, the Pew Internet & American Life Project  has…

Health 2.0 Digital Technology in Clinical Care


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Health 2.0 Digital Technology Conference

At the Health 2.0: Digital Technology in Clinical Care  conference held last month, speakers offered strategies for using technology to expand health care from clinical settings to a 24/7 partnership enterprise. “We must take health care out of the office and make it a continuous focus in the lives of patients,” said Dr. Joseph Kvedar,…

Tracking Your Health


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Pew Health Tracking

Whether it is getting your recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables, or eight hours of sleep per night, or taking your HIV medication, the majority of Americans track their health habits. Personal data collection of health information, or self-tracking, enables consumers to be more conscious of their health behaviors, to track signs and symptoms,…

Recapping the 2011 mHealth Conference

mHealth Logo

The 3rd Annual mHealth Summit took place from December 6-8 at the Gaylord Convention Center near Washington, DC. The summit presented by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health brings together developers, health care professionals,  and government officials to talk about the science and the promise of mobile health technologies. Secretary of Health and…

Health Information Technology and the Response to HIV

We are excited to present this video as part of a series on health information technology (health IT). We’ve talked about personal health records and HIV before, and today we want to share a bit more on what health IT is all about, and what it means for those of us working to respond to…

Highlights (and a Wordle) from Health 2.0


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By Jennie Anderson I’ve just returned from this year’s Health 2.0 conference feeling energized by all of the new ways technology can help us to communicate important health information. While Health 2.0 is not HIV-specific, it brings together critical information and resources for us. I was amazed to see that the tools and technology, along…

Personal Health Records and People Living with HIV

Chitra Mohla

I spoke with Chitra Mohla from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to learn more about Personal Health Records (PHRs) and their importance in the HIV community. A PHR allows you to store and manage all your information in one place. Chitra told me that people who are chronically ill are…