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Seven Ways To Create Social Media Engagement

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Maintaining active social media content is a great way to increase exposure for your organization. But getting your followers not only to look, but to share and engage with your content, requires strategically using each social platform’s strengths to its full capacity. Your effort will be rewarded with real conversations as well as a growing…

Twitter’s Evolution and What It Means for Your Government Account

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Editor’s Note: During Virtual Office Hours, our bi-weekly social media training sessions (sign up here for your free session!), we hear how Twitter can be a challenging platform. Yes, it is sometimes hard to get your message across with only 140 characters. Today we share DigitalGov’s blog about Twitter’s 5 upcoming changes – to make…

Video Variety is Key to YouTube Success

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Sharing your videos on YouTube can be a great way to tell your stories visually and add value to your organization’s mission. A thoughtful presence on YouTube (or other video channels) can enable your organization to build trust, authority and recognition among your target audience. A recent example is Greater Than AIDS’  “We Are Family”…

Digital Stories: Health Equity Change Makers

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Editor’s Note: This project is an example of digital storytelling!  Please share Margot’s story below as an HIV prevention advocate/peer counselor for women living with HIV. Use and share the Health Equity Change Makers toolkit and #ImAChangeMaker .   Through Health Equity Change Makers, the Office of Minority Health is sharing compelling personal stories that…

Facebook Live From AIDS 2016 & More

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Facebook Live videos are real-time video posts on Facebook that allow your followers to watch your live stream straight from your page, directly engage with you by answering questions, reading comments, and seeing FB reactions. Although live streaming options have been around for a while, Facebook has now made it easier to stream live on…

Come Chat about HIV/AIDS and Affordable Care Act!

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NMAC, together with Altarum, has united with several community colleagues and to highlight the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on people living with HIV/AIDS. We are well into the 6th year of the ACA, and the Act has opened up many opportunities for healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions like HIV/AIDS….

Visual Storytelling with Instagram

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Visual storytelling lets you build awareness, trust, and loyalty while engaging and expanding your audience. With 500 million active monthly users as of June 2016 , Instagram’s popularity proves how a “picture is worth a thousand words.” Eighty-seven percent of Instagram users are under age 34 . This image-sharing app has created opportunities to tell…

Making the most of hashtags on Twitter

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Hashtags provide a quick and easy way to search, organize, and share information on Twitter. What are they? Hashtags can be any word preceded by the # symbol. Using them lets you associate your tweets with a larger topic (e.g., #HIV), group, or conversation. Why use them? Adding hashtags to your tweet is like adding…