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Facing AIDS for World AIDS Day


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Join us in Facing AIDS. World AIDS Day, 2008

World AIDS Day is in less than a week (December 1)! In addition to our Bloggers Unite and Second Life activities, invites you to join us in using social networks to help reduce stigma around HIV/AIDS and to promote HIV testing. Why use social networks? Many people are already using social network sites to…

Reaching Latinos with New Media for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day


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Tomorrow is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD). According to a recently released CDC fact sheet, Latinos represent only 15% of the total U.S. population, but make up 18% of new HIV infections. Among Latinos, men make up the vast majority of new HIV infections (76%), but Latino women are also at disproportionate risk for…

“A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”– How to Increase Involvement in World AIDS Day 2008


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“A picture is worth a thousand words” and today we will be talking about two different powerful pictures that relate to World AIDS Day–one which involves data, and the other which involves you. Picture # 1: The Trend The picture above shows our search results from typing “AIDS” into Google Trends (a tool that lets…

International AIDS Conference: New Media and the AIDS Community – Some Good News

Last week, we "twittered" from the International AIDS Conference (IAC) , and we planned to talk about that this week. We were struck, however, by our conversations on new media with IAC delegates and we decided to write about what we learned at the conference instead. (Stay tuned for more on Twitter soon!) From the…

20 students. 6 universities. 8 short videos. 1 cause. National HIV Testing Day Personal Public Service Announcements

Photo of Dr. Kevin Fenton with a PPSA participant

To help get the word out about National HIV Testing Day (June 27), the CDC and the University of Georgia’s New Media Institute collaborated on an innovative new media project. More than 20 students from six universities and five AIDS organizations hit the streets with video cameras this April to produce eight short video messages…

We Are Living in a Virtual World: Part 1

Screen shot of HealthInfo Island on Second Life

HealthInfo Island on Second Life When the team first started hearing about virtual worlds, we were intrigued–and a little confused. Terms like “avatar ” and “in-world meetings” were unfamiliar. Places like Second Life , Whyville , Club Penguin , and Habbo seemed mysterious. NIH, CDC, and NASA have been Federal pioneers in virtual space….

Health-Focused Social Networking Sites

This week we continue our social networking series, and we look at health-focused social networks. Health-focused social networks function as communities for people with specific medical conditions (such as HIV/AIDS) and provide space for users to share their experiences, find support from their peers, and discuss their health concerns and treatment information.

Face Time with Facebook

This week, we’re continuing our series about social networking sites . Today we’re focusing on Facebook . To learn more about how we might use Facebook in the fight against HIV/AIDS, we spoke to Shaun Whybark from the Columbus AIDS Task Force , and Dmitriy Kruglyak from TrustedMD . What is Facebook? Facebook, like most…