Top 10 New Media Lessons 2009 & Open Government Initiative

Gold top 10 winner

As 2010 approaches and I look back at 2009, I want to first share some of my new media lessons learned from The most important thing that I learned this year is that we still have so much more to learn! The good news is that as the AIDS community learns and uses more…

New Media Use at the New York State Department of Health’s AIDS Institute

AIDS Institute Logo

At the CDC’s HIV Prevention Conference last August, I talked with our colleague, Humberto Cruz, about new media and HIV. Humberto is the Director of the AIDS Institute at the New York State Department of Health . I was excited to hear about the AIDS Institute’s adoption of new media — they’ve developed a widget…

New Media Institutes, Usability Testing, A Photo Booth, and More: Preview of’s Activities at the U.S. Conference on AIDS

New Media at USCA

What do new media institutes, usability, and a BIG RED photo booth have in common? They are some of activities we’re planning for later this month at the U.S. Conference on AIDS (USCA) . This annual conference, hosted by the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) , will take place October 29-31st in San Francisco and…

2009 National Technology Conference: Highlights for the HIV Community


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NTC Conference

Last week, Jennie Anderson and I attended the Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) 2009 National Technology Conference (NTC) . Because many AIDS service organizations are non-profits, the conference provides us with an opportunity to gain invaluable insight into how non-profit organizations across the country and around the world are using new media to inspire, connect and…

Introduction to Mashups: 1 + 1 = Mashups?


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AIDSportal HIV Jobs Mashup

Mashups — what are they? Are they being used by the HIV/AIDS community? To learn more, we spoke with Rob Worthington from AIDSportal and advisor, David Galiel . What is a mashup? Rob told us, “A mashup is a way of combining data, content, or a function from different websites in a new or…

Looking Back, Moving Forward


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Last week we attended the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), sponsored by the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC). USCA is the largest AIDS-related gathering in the U.S. Three-thousand people came together to share information, create new networks, and learn about the latest tools being used to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Conference participants included…

International AIDS Conference: New Media and the AIDS Community – Some Good News

Last week, we "twittered" from the International AIDS Conference (IAC) , and we planned to talk about that this week. We were struck, however, by our conversations on new media with IAC delegates and we decided to write about what we learned at the conference instead. (Stay tuned for more on Twitter soon!) From the…

Reaching Bloggers for National HIV Testing Day

Banner for National HIV Testing day webinar

Last week, hosted a Webinar for bloggers in advance of National HIV Testing Day (on June 27). We reached out to bloggers for this event because so many people today depend on bloggers for their news, information, and opinions.

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