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President Obama Writes on Health Care Progress in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Chart: Under the Affordable Care Act, We’ve Cut The Uninsured Rate to Historic Lows. Percent of population without health insurance in 1965 when Medicare and Medicaid were create was 22%. It drop to a rate of 12% in about 1974 and climbed back up until 1995. Then it leveled off until the ACA 1st Open Enrollment and in 2015 it is 9.1%.

Summary: Yesterday, President Obama authored a paper in the nation’s leading medical journal on how the Affordable Care Act has substantially improved our health care system.  President Obama laid out the progress we’ve made on health care in the latest edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association. In his paper, “United States Health…

HHS Office for Civil Rights Issues Report on National HIV/AIDS Compliance Review Initiative

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“To be free of discrimination on the basis of HIV status is both a human and a civil right. Vigorous enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, . . . the Rehabilitation Act, and other civil rights laws is vital to establishing an environment where people will feel safe in getting tested and seeking treatment.”…

July Update from ONAP: Our National Strategy and Road to Durban

Dr. Amy Lansky

Summary: Get a sneak peak at ONAP’s thoughts on AIDS 2016 in Durban and the upcoming anniversary of the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy. Nearly a year ago, July 30, 2015, we released the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Updated to 2020, which is our nation’s roadmap for a comprehensive response to HIV in the United States. In the…

Come Chat about HIV/AIDS and Affordable Care Act!

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NMAC, together with Altarum, has united with several community colleagues and to highlight the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on people living with HIV/AIDS. We are well into the 6th year of the ACA, and the Act has opened up many opportunities for healthcare coverage for people with pre-existing conditions like HIV/AIDS….

Reporting from AIDS 2016

AIDS 2016 Durban, South Africa July 18-22, 2015 #AIDS2015 @AIDS_conference

Next week, members of the global HIV community will convene in Durban, South Africa for the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) and will be there to share highlights. More than 18,000 people – scientists, public health experts, policy makers and members of the HIV-affected community – from across the globe are expected to…

Viral Suppression: The Struggle is Real

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Recently, I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about the importance of viral suppression. For people living with HIV, getting the virus under control is the most important thing we can do. It’s the key to our own survival, reducing deaths, and preventing new infections. Viral suppression reflects not only the quality of medical care,…

7 Decades of Firsts – With 7 CDC Directors

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) turns 70 this year. On July 12 at 11:00 am (EDT) CDC’s Grand Rounds “Seven Decades of Firsts – With Seven CDC Directors” webcast will look at the events of those 70 years that have helped CDC become the world’s leading public health agency. Former CDC Directors Dr. William H. Foege, Dr. James O. Mason,…

Health Care Coverage Options for Same Sex Couples

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An insurance company that offers health coverage to opposite-sex spouses must do the same for same-sex spouses. Protections against discrimination As long as a couple is married in a jurisdiction with legal authority to authorize the marriage, an insurance company can’t discriminate against them when offering coverage. This means that it must offer to same-sex…