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New Video Illustrates HIV Treatment Cascade


A new animated video provides a brief overview of HIV in the United States and illustrates how improvements along each step of the treatment cascade can help us achieve an AIDS-free generation.  We are grateful to Gilead for sharing the…

The White House: Opportunities for a Conversation Using New Media

New Media | January 22, 2013 Read the full post

New media allows us to connect and engage in a conversation. According to Pew Internet & American Life’s Health Online 2013 Report , “78% of those who posted a comment, story, or question about their health say that they did so…

National Day of Service: Locate, Share, Watch, and Pledge

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In honor of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., thousands of people from across the country will take part in the National Day of Service, January 19. Here are four ways you can use new media to connect…

Pew Online Health 2013 Report

New Media | January 17, 2013 Read the full post
Shanwlus N. Wonzer-Nesbit from Texas Women's University

Earlier this week, the Pew Internet & American Life Project  released their 2013 Health Report  which provides us with information about how people are going online to access health information. Pew found that one in three American adults have gone online…

HHS Releases Inventory of Initiatives and Prevention Programs Aimed at Reducing HIV Infections among African Americans

Ronald Valdiserri

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released a report [PDF] describing findings of an interagency collaboration to identify, review, and assess the effectiveness of HHS-funded, discretionary initiatives and programs to reduce HIV infections among African Americans. The…

Keep it Brief: Tips for Writing Online

New Media | January 15, 2013 Read the full post
Man Using Tablet

These days anyone can publish a blog on any topic without prior writing experience or a degree in journalism or English. Even with credentials, online writing is different from technical and scientific writing. Based on an analysis  of 45,237 pageviews,…

Family Planning Providers Key in Fight Against HIV

Trends in HIV Testing in Title X Service Sites

The Title X Family Planning Program, administered by the HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA), provides funding to more than 4,000 service delivery sites across the country to support voluntary, confidential, and low-cost education, counseling, testing, and related preventive health…

5 Years, 900 Blog Posts, 1 Million Page Views

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Today marks an important milestone for the blog. Five years ago today, we launched this blog with the intent of reaching audiences with information on how to use new media. In 2009, we extended our content to include Federal…