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World AIDS Day Press Statement from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Cross-posted from U.S. Department of State

Today we pay tribute to the millions of lives lost and families affected by HIV/AIDS. We also recognize the brave individuals living with HIV who carry the burden of this disease every day. It is in their honor that we…

World AIDS Day 2011
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On this World AIDS Day, the Department of Justice reconfirms its leadership role in combating discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS. We  remain committed to realizing our mission under President Obama’s landmark National HIV/AIDS Strategy, to address the stigma…

Forging Ahead on World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day logo
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This year, on World AIDS Day, a new report from the United Nations shows we’ve achieved an encouraging 21 percent reduction in deaths of people living with HIV/AIDS across the globe. With so many people living longer, healthier lives, we…

President Obama announces new efforts to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States
Cross-posted from Department of Health & Human Services Press Release

President Barack Obama today announced accelerated efforts to increase the availability of treatment to people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States in conjunction with World AIDS Day 2011.  The president directed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services…

HUD’s World AIDS Day Commemoration: A Look to the Future
Cross-posted from The HUDdle - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Official Blog

This year’s World AIDS Day marks an occasion to reflect on the 30 year struggle with HIV and to renew and invigorate our commitment to ending AIDS.  At HUD, the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing helped to lead the Department’s commemoration…

SAMHSA and World AIDS Day—Using New Media
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“Leading with Science, Uniting for Action” is the U.S. Government (USG) theme for World AIDS Day 2011. This year, we are thankful for scientific advances in the response to HIV/AIDS—advances which have led Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to…

Observing World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day logo
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Today, December 1, we commemorate World AIDS Day. This has been a year of reflection as we marked the 30th anniversary of the first reported cases of AIDS on June 5, 1981. AIDS is still here, and it affects all…

American Leadership to Reach an AIDS-Free Generation
Cross-posted from The White House Blog

Today President Obama was part of a very special World AIDS Day event. It is a day for solemn observance, to remember all those who have been lost to this disease over 30 years, and those still living with HIV…