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“Engage and Deliver” But Don’t Forget to “Listen and Learn”

New Media | August 19, 2008 Read the full post
National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media. Engage and Deliver 2008.

Last week, 1,000 people from the fields of public health, social marketing, health communication, health education, and other fields gathered in Atlanta for the CDC’s 2nd Annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media. Miguel Gomez, Director, and…

International AIDS Conference: New Media and the AIDS Community – Some Good News

New Media | August 12, 2008 Read the full post

Last week, we "twittered" from the International AIDS Conference (IAC) , and we planned to talk about that this week. We were struck, however, by our conversations on new media with IAC delegates and we decided to write about what…

A Wake-up Call for All of Us: How Can New Media Help?

New Media | August 5, 2008 Read the full post
AIDS 2008

“The estimates from our nation’s new HIV incidence surveillance system reveal that the HIV epidemic is- and has been- worse than previously known. The recent U.S. HIV statistics are a wake-up call to all of us in the United States…

If You Build It, Will They Come? (Part 4 on Blogging)

New Media | July 29, 2008 Read the full post
red bullhorn

If you decide to start a blog for yourself or your organization, part of your strategy should include blog promotion. How and where you promote your blog are key elements in engaging your readers to comment, subscribe, and share your…

Perspectives on Blogging about HIV/AIDS (Part 3 on Blogging)

New Media | July 22, 2008 Read the full post
Dr. David Wessner

This week we continue our series on blogs. Blogging can be an effective way to communicate HIV messages and engage people in a dialogue about important issues and topics. Today, we’ll highlight two HIV/AIDS-focused blogs that bring distinct perspectives to…

Blogging about Blogs (Part 2 on Blogging)

New Media | July 15, 2008 Read the full post

While we’ve reflected on whether we think our blog is working, we’ve never posted on blogging basics–so that is the focus of today’s post.

We’re 6 Months Old: Part 1 on Blogging

New Media | July 8, 2008 Read the full post
Cake with number six on it

We started this blog six months ago. Three months ago we reflected on whether the blog was working and we decided to continue. We declared that we’d continue blogging only as long as we could clearly define how best to…

Second Life (Part 2 of “We Are Living in a Virtual World”)

New Media | July 1, 2008 Read the full post

This week we build on our June 10 post about virtual worlds and focus on the well-known site, Second Life . To better understand how Second Life can help share HIV information and provide support to those who are HIV-positive,…