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Second Life (Part 2 of “We Are Living in a Virtual World”)

New Media | July 1, 2008 Read the full post

This week we build on our June 10 post about virtual worlds and focus on the well-known site, Second Life . To better understand how Second Life can help share HIV information and provide support to those who are HIV-positive,…

Reaching Bloggers for National HIV Testing Day

New Media | June 24, 2008 Read the full post
Banner for National HIV Testing day webinar

Last week, hosted a Webinar for bloggers in advance of National HIV Testing Day (on June 27). We reached out to bloggers for this event because so many people today depend on bloggers for their news, information, and opinions.

20 students. 6 universities. 8 short videos. 1 cause. National HIV Testing Day Personal Public Service Announcements

New Media | June 17, 2008 Read the full post
Photo of Dr. Kevin Fenton with a PPSA participant

To help get the word out about National HIV Testing Day (June 27), the CDC and the University of Georgia’s New Media Institute collaborated on an innovative new media project. More than 20 students from six universities and five AIDS…

We Are Living in a Virtual World: Part 1

New Media | June 10, 2008 Read the full post
Screen shot of HealthInfo Island on Second Life

HealthInfo Island on Second Life When the team first started hearing about virtual worlds, we were intrigued–and a little confused. Terms like “avatar ” and “in-world meetings” were unfamiliar. Places like Second Life , Whyville , Club Penguin ,…

Learning from Our Family Planning Colleagues

New Media | June 3, 2008 Read the full post

Miguel Gomez, Director of Here at, we’ve learned two things over and over: Health care providers are often really excited by the possibilities of “new media”; and they have a lot of questions about what this actually means…

Using Games in Public Health (Part 2 of “Let the Games Begin”)

New Media | May 27, 2008 Read the full post

This week we are continuing the second part of our two-part series on video games and public health. Last week we spoke with Tina Hoff, Vice President and Director of Entertainment Media Partnerships at the Kaiser Family Foundation, Marguerita Lightfoot…

Let the Games Begin

New Media | May 20, 2008 Read the full post

We’ve been noticing a lot of press about video games lately. Grand Theft Auto IV is flying off the shelves. It sold 60 million copies in the first week. Other games, like Guitar Hero and games for Nintendo’s Wii gaming…

Old and New Media Unite–Promoting National HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

New Media | May 13, 2008 Read the full post

This month, the organizations planning and implementing HIV Vaccine Awareness Day and National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day are promoting these observances and expanding their reach by using traditional and new media tools. National Asian and Pacific Islander…