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NIH Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

Research | December 1, 2016 Read the full post
Cross-posted from NIAID News

This year, the world marked the 35th anniversary of the first published reports of what would come to be known as HIV/AIDS. This disease has wrought enormous suffering and devastation and caused more than 35 million deaths. Yet today, thanks…

World AIDS Day 2016: Honoring Lives Lost by Fighting Discrimination

Cross-posted from Department of Justice - Blog

Today, on World AIDS Day 2016, the Department of Justice reaffirms the rights of people with HIV/AIDS to live free from stigma and discrimination.  For the more than 1.2 million people in the United States with HIV, the Americans with…

The White House – FACT SHEET: World AIDS Day 2016

White House logo - cropped - Aug 2016
Cross-posted from The White House - Press Office

THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary December 1 marks World AIDS Day across the globe, and serves as a way to recommit ourselves to ending HIV/AIDS as a public health threat. Throughout his Administration, President Obama propelled America’s…

Go Social for World AIDS Day

New Media | November 30, 2016 Read the full post

Today, we at share two timely social media opportunities for World AIDS Day 2016 (#WAD2016) . Thunderclap Thunderclap is an online crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. If you subscribe to PEPFAR’s World AIDS…

We Are Changing Our Name To: “”


This week of World AIDS Day, we are announcing that we will be changing our name from to in the spring of 2017. Why the name change? We write frequently about our commitments to following the science, tracking…

With Better Data, a Foundation for Stronger HIV Prevention

Eugene McCray - CDC - headshot cropped May 2016

High quality data form the backbone of our nation’s HIV response. National surveillance of HIV cases provides the critical information we need to set prevention priorities, allocate limited prevention resources, and measure our collective progress against the disease. HIV surveillance…

Watch HIV Vaccine Trial Launch in South Africa Via Facebook Live! This Wednesday!

New Media | November 29, 2016 Read the full post

Director’s Note, Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy, HHS: Scientific advances have given us the tools we need to end new HIV infections and save lives. But our work is not yet done, either here in the U.S. or…

First New HIV Vaccine Efficacy Study in Seven Years Has Begun

Research | November 28, 2016 Read the full post
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South Africa Hosts Historic NIH-Supported Clinical Trial November 27, 2016 The first HIV vaccine efficacy study to launch anywhere in seven years is now testing whether an experimental vaccine regimen safely prevents HIV infection among South African adults. The study,…