− Posts, Pins, and Tweets: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2015

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Posts, Pins, and Tweets: National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2015

HIV in Native CommunitiesToday’s observance of National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NNHAAD) is the ninth annual commemoration. Since the first NNHAAD in 2007, much has changed in digital communications and in our collective response to HIV. To support NNHAAD in 2015, is using multiple social media platforms:


Although it is a relatively new platform, Instagram Exit Disclaimer is an increasingly active space for communication and is generating wide attention with vibrant, compelling images. We invite you to look at our presence on Instagram and to engage with us there today and beyond NNHAAD. We’re lending visibility to NNHAAD on our Facebook page, so connect with us there too. Here’s our latest post on using images to share resources.

Pins’s Pinterest board Exit Disclaimer has been updated for NNHAAD! We’ve pinned images from the community, and we are sharing resources from our Federal partners, such as the Facing AIDS in Native Communities video from the Indian Health Service and the CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together and HIV Treatment Works campaign videos that share stories from Native community members. We’ve been pinning since February 2014, and we established our NNHAAD board to expand the availability of vibrant images that support HIV awareness. Be sure to follow our board for some ready-to-share images!


Our handle, @AIDSgov Exit Disclaimer, will be joining many others to tweet about HIV and Native communities and to offer resources to expand online communication about NNHAAD.  We encourage you to join the conversation with the hashtag #NNHAAD Exit Disclaimer. Follow us, and follow the community organizations speaking out to “Honor our Ancestors, Protect our People, Take the Test.”

More resources to use and share for NNHAAD:

How does your social media presence fit into your communication plan for national health observances?